cant have lobsters without butter
  • swooshlife86 be careful you slip with all the butter on your feet

  • u_already_kn0w Haha was waiting for one if you guys to make a comment .. Thanks for the caption tho Manny

  • JosephJames weird way to lace them, but nice none the less

  • u_already_kn0w I lace all my kicks like that JJ .. Is this really the first time u notice? And thanks bro

  • Lajimenez91 ^prolly just looks diff cuz the laces r longer. Still smooth af

  • Antmosphere Don't like Stance, or the sock game, but I'm liking the simplicity on these. Dope kicks too. haha

  • u_already_kn0w Lajimenez yeah laces I got are a tad bit longer then regular maybe your right

  • u_already_kn0w Antmosphere I mess with stance socks heavy lol but thanks I chose these to not take away from the lobs

  • johnnytrainers Nice shot homie but the socks are too QUIET lol

  • Thomas Sylvia Def look like the iron man laces imo. Would like to get the cncpts pack with the butter laces in the tub

cant have lobsters without butter