High Hair
  • John Garry Clean bro! Always loved these!

  • johnnytrainers Great quality , one of my favorites . I miss the themed SBS alot

  • John Garry ^^ditto Johnny

  • Meek04 never liked these cause my ex wore them.. fckin $!@$%.. but Mr. Nicky Cla makes them look SWWWAAGGGG!!!!

  • Nick Clabaugh Thanks guys! Just figured out why they called these High Hairs. I always remember seeing the Aqua Net spray cans!

  • Nick Clabaugh Sorry to bring back bad memories Meek!

  • Elijah Vanover Look at mine hahaha bought them ds and now official beaters! Oil change joints lol

  • Meek04 lol.. all good brotha..

High Hair