Dr. Feelgood
  • sidious dope

  • Anonymous This needs to be on the home page or featured somehow. It's so refreshing to see someone skating in sbs. Not only that but they're a sick ass quickstrike not some new lameass gr or something. Good shit man

  • dankenstein23 slave boards are the shit

  • Darthskater85 Love it. Great shot, unique colorway and it's SKATEBOARIDING!!!!

  • BakerForLife thanks a lot guys. yeah slaves are rad, great shape. photo credits to kyle hughes doe.

  • Meek04 such a dope shot!!!! Skating in them "Goods"

  • Anonymous I especially love the tickle me Elmo shirt. Very manly of you!

  • anonymous shits cool, but dont get started on people shoul dskate sb's....shits been going on since they started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyZt_leFSiU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t82ff4RJD0

  • sneakerprints tre bombs:) good shit baker!

  • ChefsDunks your number one pal!

  • Antonio_sc Used to love that color, still have a pair in US 11.5 in really good condition. If someone interested I'm up for offers...

Dr. Feelgood