• jessedw3 those samples <3

  • Kingdom wow i have never actually seen these worn. Good shit man!

  • Meek04 so i guess you did kill for these!!! lol.. glad you got them meng!!

  • Thomas Sylvia Unbelievable man. He just brings it...

  • Matt Kwasniak O_______o

  • kayoitsofficial love that you wear your shoes. lots of people would never let these touch the ground if they owned them. good shit

  • JosephJames wet floor again XD

  • shoreguy85 nick breaking necks as usual lol, good shit

  • Eric Adams The tongue on those samples are dope!

  • cemeterydrive Hahaha Joseph, that's dry man!

  • El_Duce mad fake yo

  • baddges52 dude @cemeterydrive, me and my bro are just curious, how does one get so lucky to come across and afford such rare sample and heat. freddys, jasons, these hunters, etc. im just curious

  • cheatingk9610 Word I was thinking the same, I mean I know you live in NY. But where do these oppritunities come from!?

  • cemeterydrive I don't know! The trick is patience I suppose. Things have been falling into place recently.

  • baddges52 well all applause to you ha keep getting unobtainable kicks and make us proud and making the haters hate, kuz really only 2 in the world and you got 1? and with both samples of freddys and jasons? like i know you have been in the sb game a while but those are accomplishments ahah stay up dude, hopefully we meet one day i can cach a glimpse of you rockin your heat and not stocking.

  • cemeterydrive Wow. Thank you baddges52. :)